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Rovell Has Never Passed Up An Opportunity To Be On Brand

Love him or just merely like him, you gotta respect Rovell’s grind. He has never seen an opportunity to get a brand tweet off. Ever. We could build a time machine and drop Rovell at any point in time, and he will let you know how much money Coca-Cola made or lost during Hiroshima, the Nazi’s effect on ADIDAS’s market share, or how the new generation of millennial hunters and gatherers has ruined the bow and arrow industry.

Obviously, people are mad at Rovell for the tweet. I mean, it’s Rovell, what do people expect? He’s not picking a side, being political, or anything. He’s simply just stating some analytics, no harm, no foul. One man’s tone deaf is another man’s reporting the facts. One man’s “this ain’t it chief” is another man’s “hey, I really was wondering the economic impact on a woman testifying about sexual assault”. Always two sides of the coin, and Darren ain’t about to give up on his.