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The Yankees Destroy The Rays And Close In On Home Field Advantage For The Wild Card Game

New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays

Today was a huge, huge game for the New York Yankees and they showed up. If the Yanks went into this weekend needing to win 2 of 3 to lock up the 1st wild card spot I was not going to feel good about it one bit. Getting this W was huge, and they did it in dominating fashion, putting up a dozen runs at the Trop.

The 2018 American League Rookie of the Year Miguel Andujar got things going in the top of the first inning with this three run laser

Papa is up to 27 homers and 90 RBIs on the year with a .296 batting average. He’s been the most consistent hitter on this team and in many ways their MVP. When you’ve got Angels writers tweeting how Ohtani deserves the MVP it’s honestly insane. Sure he pitched a little, big whoop, but he missed a lot of time and didn’t really bat against left handed pitching. If you’re not going to give Gary Sanchez the award in 2016 then you can’t give Ohtani the award this year. Kick rocks Jon Heyman.

King Louis Voit continued his assault on major league pitching and blasted another homer, going 3 for 3 on the day.

It’s hard to believe what he’s been able to do since joining the Yankees, but he just doesn’t stop.

I love this man. Buy a goddamn shirt please

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 4.43.07 PM

If you missed the mini fireworks with CC Sabathia get caught up with the blog I had earlier and this video.

If that’s CC’s last pitch as a Yankee then God bless him. He’s been one of the best starting pitchers, if not the best, in the last twenty years for this team and his presence will be sorely missed on and off the field when he’s gone. Romine and Boone both praised Sabathia after the game and you could see Boone was still fuming over the Rays pulling that shit. So fucking stupid.

The win shrinks that magic number down to 1 game for home field with a weekend series in Fenway coming up. The A’s head to Anaheim for their final three games. The Yanks will trot out Happ, Lynn, and then Severino in their three. That rotation schedule would eliminate Sevy from starting on Wednesday and essentially leave it to either Happ or Tanaka. I’ve said it should be Happ repeatedly, but I thought Severino would be their pick. Now that Sevy is ruled out it looks like my hopes may come true. What a turn of events where J.A. Happ has everyone’s vote to pitch the biggest game of the entire Yankees season.