CC Sabathia Just Cost Himself a $500,000 Bonus So He Could Stand Up For His Catcher Austin Romine Whose Head Was Thrown At In The Previous Inning

So to quickly catch everyone up here…CC Sabathia hit Jake Bauers on the hand in the bottom of the 5th inning. It was nowhere in the realm of intentional and anyone who thinks that is delusional. There is no bad blood between the two and Sabathia was cruising in this one, having on of his best starts of the year. Leading off the next half inning Rays pitcher Andrew Kittredge threw right at Austin Romine’s head. It was ridiculous. CC came out of the dugout and stared at Kittredge because that man never backs down from a fight. He’s like the Hulk and is always angry. After the Yankees blasted off a few homers in the inning Sabathia led off the bottom of the 6th by drilling Jesus Sucre in the leg (how you should hit a guy if you’re going to hit them).

He was immediately ejected along with Boone with no argument. Everyone knew what he was doing and why. As he walked off the mound he mouthed “That’s for you, bitch” in the direction of Kittredge in the Rays dugout.

Sabathia was two innings away from a $500,000 bonus being activated in his contract. He was at 55 pitches in a 10-0 ball game and was cruising to that seven inning plateau. Nope, he chose to stand up for his catcher which was way more important in his mind. I mean, how can you not love that? Yankee fan or not, that’s fucking awesome. I love CC Sabathia and it’s crazy to think that may have been the last pitch he throws in his career, with New York or in Major League Baseball in general. If the Yanks lose in the Wild Card game and don’t even make the ALDS it’s very possible the team does not bring him back next year, or he just retires. If he goes out defending his catcher and cursing off an opposing bitch boy player that would be so perfect. What a career it’s been for the big fella in pinstripes. His accolades speak for themselves and I hope that wasn’t the last pitch and he’s able to give this team something in October. Standing up for his teammate for some bullshit caused by a nobody on the Rays meant way more than half a million dollars. Carsten. Charles. Sabathia. I’d go to war for that man.


Also, as the Yankees made the pitching change for CC, Judge went over to the Rays bullpen who were all standing up and basically said you don’t want this. I will take all of you on and no one will be left standing.


P.S. Sorry for that long title, but it got you to click didn’t it?