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Apparently This Guy is Famous Up and Down the East Coast For Scamming and Swindling People


RVA – It’s not often a story weaves around the country like an insidious spider following Widespread Panic from outdoor arena to 400 seat club. But when it happens, it’s almost too much to believe. Let’s preface this story by saying, as far as actual accusations, we only have one official source saying the hippy-frat bro in question, Eric Lannon, has done anything wrong (or even really exists). But on closer inspection (and after a number of Google searches) it’s easy to see a pattern emerge–including pink Vineyard Vines plastic sunglasses, flip-flops in November, and Romney events–which tracks Lannon’s 1% style jack-assery up and down the east coast. Lannon came to light via a University of Richmond Police statement warning students about him loitering on campus and taking advantage of any rube he could get close to. Lannon, police warn, has a “history of theft and swindling. He manipulates his victims into providing shelter, food, money, and transportation under false pretenses.”


I have gotten a few emails over the last two days about this guy. Apparently a TON of people know about him or have been used by him. So I finally read the article about him and he’s kind of a genius. I highly suggest you read it, because it’s pretty interesting. What we do know is this guy is just a swindler to the highest degree. But I don’t think it’s even illegal, is it? People are voluntarily giving him all the shit he needs to survive.


Link – A man identified on Wednesday as Eric Lannon is said to have a history of theft and swindling, according to campus police. He has reportedly slept in at least four University of Richmond student apartments or houses and has received money, food, alcohol and clothing from numerous students. “He seemed like a nice guy,” said one of the junior Richmond College students whose house Lannon stayed at Tuesday. Lannon is believed to be from Richmond, according to various sources. He has been spotted on Richmond’s campus several times during the past three weeks, students report. All students quoted have asked to remain anonymous in the interest of safety. A campus crime alert released Wednesday afternoon cautioned community members not to interact with this person, and to contact URPD immediately if he is seen on campus. Lannon was not in police custody as of Wednesday night. Lannon is known to manipulate his victims into providing shelter, food, money and transportation under false pretenses, according to the police report. At least 25 Richmond students have confirmed that they have interacted with him in the past three weeks.


Obviously this Lannon dude is a huge douche. Like Grade A, 100% piece of shit of a human. I knew a girl in college who did the EXACT same thing. To hide her privacy, lets call her “Celeste”. She would bounce frat house to frat house, person to person, using and sweet talking people to allow her to live there and eat their food and use their shit. When people would cut her off, she’d treat them like total shit and move on to someone else. Easily my least favorite person I’ve ever come in contact with. But to people like her and Lannon, it’s all in the game.


Editors Note: I really wanted to use that sentence so I could include the video.


But yea, apparently he’s just a complete asshole so that’s your little Friday afternoon PSA since a bunch of people end up getting their shit stolen by him.


EDIT: Stoolie Hatcher just sent me a link to another Lannon story. Good lord this guy is the worst. Link.