Check Out This Asian Badmidton Team Going Absolutely Ape On The Birdie

ALL YOU CAN EAT!!! Hasn’t been an Asian onslaught that determined since the Mongols invaded China. Thank God for that net separating the two squads or else a couple more volleys they would’ve come to full blows. And by full blows I of course mean some sort of video game challenge. You hear the force behind those grunts? Once these two hit puberty they’ll almost sound as manly as Serena Williams. In their defense, not even Liam Neeson shouting through a megaphone made of the skin of a hunted rhino he killed with his bare hands would sound as manly as Serena Williams on a tennis court.

In the end this is retribution for their cousin getting outright whamboozled in Squash a couple years back. Payback’s a bitch when they’re not too busy eating one for dinner.