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Ted Alexandro Went On Stage At The Cellar And Ripped Louis CK Apart

Slate- In August, Louis C.K. performed stand-up for the first time since the New York Times widely publicized the details of his sexual misconduct, including that he masturbated in front of unwilling women. C.K.’s venue of choice to begin his comeback was the Comedy Cellar in New York, where he dropped in for a surprise appearance and reportedly received an ovation. On that same stage, comedian Ted Alexandro recently cracked jokes about C.K., including one related to his own lackluster welcome from the audience: “Do I have to take my dick out? What do I have to do for you to cheer my arrival to the stage?”

Ted Alexandro is a great comic. A couple nights ago, he took the stage at the Comedy Cellar and riffed about Louis CK and Bill Cosby for 6 minutes. A lot of comedians have made jokes about Cosby, but the Louis stuff is particularly interesting for a few reasons: first, Louis is (was?) Comedy Cellar royalty, and a regular. It was at the Cellar a couple weeks ago that he made his unannounced return to standup, where he didn’t mention his scandal and worked on new material. Thus, it takes balls to come into the Cellar, where you’re apt to see Louis on a random Tuesday night, and shred him to pieces for six minutes. The comics always sit at the “comics’ table” in the Olive Tree Cafe upstairs as they wait for their sets or just hang out, and I have to imagine it might be a bit awkward to sit across from Louis after a set like this.

Which brings up the next point– how do Louis’ colleagues speak about his scandal? Some have been outspoken in their condemnation of him while others have supported him. And of course, many have kept quiet, perhaps out of fear of his influence, or perhaps because they don’t care enough to comment.

But here you have Ted Alexandro going for the jugular. I loved the Bill Cosby-Trump rape vs. prison joke. Then the PC culture setup leading into “may I please take my dick out and ejaculate in the workplace?” was fantastic. But the best joke, for me, was the “the system works” joke. It really is unbelievable how nobody paid attention to the many accusations of rape against Bill Cosby until Hannibal Buress was filmed with a grainy cell phone camera talking about it on stage.

I guess that now that Louis is “back,” he has to expect this. Would LOVE to see him on Roast Battle against Jeff Ross…

PS- I wrote his name as “Tex” like 4 times in an earlier version of this blog, without noticing it. Dude’s been gone for months and he still has real estate here…