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Look Out America, A New Sex Icon Is Rising The Ranks


Uh-oh. All aboard the Tinder Train! Choo-choo motherfuckers!!! This head is already big enough to expand for any ego. Might pop like a balloon once this becomes a regular thing. Doesn’t matter if it’s limited to a herd of Philly 6’s (NY 4, LA 2, Miss Detroit) on Tinder. The heart wants what it wants.* But what irks me is pretty boy Utley’s name is ahead of mine. Sure he may be a do-good professional athlete with movie star looks, but has he recovered from a haircut that mad him look like a little penis with a hat on or be chivalrous enough to create a batch Pruno in his bathtub for a date night? I think not. He may have millions but I have the heart.

Plus Kacie McDonnell knows the truth, even if the best looking blogger at Barstool is equivalent to being the tallest midget in the circus. Tape don’t lie at 2:42:

*Anybody who views myself or any Barstool blogger in this light needs to take a serious look at themselves in the mirror and re-evaluate some things. That’s assuming they’re not blind already, which is a big assumption.

h/t Brett