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RIP Philly Native And Random Actor Who's In Everything But You Never Knew His Name, James Rebhorn


NYT – James Rebhorn, a character actor who appeared in dozens of popular movies and television shows and recently starred on the Showtime hit “Homeland,” died on Friday at his home in South Orange, N.J. He was 65. The cause was melanoma, his agent, Dianne Busch, said.

You’ve seen him around the silver and small screen. Or he may have popped in your head to help you keep from blowing your load. Either way, the world shall be forever changed by the dick Dad in Blank Check’s efforts.

125 film and TV acting credits. Impressive. Rest easy, Mr. Nimzicki. President Whitmore can’t fire you in heaven. RIP.


Secretary of Defense in Independence day
Car expert in My Cousin Vinny
Dad in Homeland
Dr. in Meet The Parents
Actor in The Game
Dude in Scent Of A Woman
FBI Man in White Collar
Lawyer in Seinfeld finale
Dad in Blank Check

It’s only a game, Focker.