With The Redskins On Bye, I Need To Figure Out The Perfect DFS Lineup For This Weekend

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Man, you know what would be nice? One million dollars. Hot take, I know. But that’s what makes the internet go ’round. The hotter the takes, the hotter the breaks. And that’s why I’m playing the Sunday Million on Fan Duel this Sunday. That million bucks has my name on it. I’ll never have to worry about money again! But the problem I’m having is, the Redskins are on bye. Without being able to stack Alex Smith, Vernon Davis, and Adrian Peterson, I’m at a slight disadvantage.

So where do I go? Do I ride Matt Ryan’s hot hand? Do I load up on the Giants vs the Saints terrible defense? Or maybe vice versa, go all in on Drew Brees and the Saints? The Chargers can’t stop giving up points, but they’re playing San Fran, so that one has my head in a pretzel. Will DeShaun Watson keep playing like a bum? Is Tom Brady going to go absolute beast mode all over the Dolphins, as is tradition? So many options here.

So I’ll get in the lab and start figuring out matchups. If I beat Smitty this week, I get an additional $500 just for finishing higher. That’d be nice. Would be nice to get a W if we’re being honest.

A million bucks for first, but that extra $500 would be even sweeter. I’m signed up. Now it’s your turn. And hey, if I win the million, I’ll give one lucky person $1,000. Because I’ll be rich.

So get in now. This is the smallest entry fee to win a million bucks in the entry. Small risk, high reward.