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The A.I. Development Of Kawhi Leonard Over The Years Is Fascinating

Toronto Raptors host their media day before going to Vancouver for their training camp.

For years, people way smarter than me have been warning us about AI and the potential for robots to take over the world and kill us all. While that may seem like the plot to a movie and in no way possible in real life, I feel like after watching that video above I’m now more freaked out than ever before. One of the biggest things that separate humans from robots is our ability to feel emotion. Well, look at how much better Kawhi’s software has gotten over the years. Guy when from a first generation iPhone to an iPhone X in a matter of years. While all of us on the internet were busy clowning on his RIDICULOUS laugh, I don’t think any of us put together how much better and more human like it’s become. Certainly the most believable it’s ever been, which means the machines are learning. It starts with a laugh, and next thing you know it’s going to have it’s own opinions and learn how to lie. Then once it’s too late, we won’t be able to figure out who is human and who is a robot. Now I understand why Elon Musk is so freaked out by AI, it’s not because he’s smoking a blunt with Joe Rogan, but because maybe he actually is on to something. If whoever created Kawhi’s operating system can get him to somewhat mimic human emotion, then we all truly are pretty fucked as a species.

We should have known this update was coming based off everything we saw last year. That was the first time we ever saw the machine go against his creator and think for himself. In all the previous models it was a loyal soldier, ready to do whatever Popovich said. But things clearly started to get out on control once Kawhi began to think for himself. He learned how to fake an injury. He picked up a stealth mode in his ability to escape locations like he would do in hotels to avoid the Spurs like he was Jason Bourne. It was here that we should have entered the self destruction code and killed this robot, but instead we shipped him to another country. Now we have no jurisdiction as to what the Raptors can do to enhance his learning, and I do not think it’s a coincidence that the FIRST time we saw him in a Raptors uniform he displayed another advanced stage.

I’m not saying Kawhi is the Beta version of the type of robot that eventually will do in the human race, but I’m also not NOT saying it either. Sadly, we’ll have no one other to blame than ourselves, as it was staring us in the face this whole time.