8) My Official Response To Getting Sued By That Fraudulent Sack Of Shit Michael Rapaport

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 8.56.09 PM

Smitty here. By now you realize the land of Barstool, specifically myself, David Portnoy, Kevin Clancy, and Eric Nathan are under attack again by that fradulent sack of shit, Michael Rapaport. The self proclaimed “King Of Trash Talk” can dish it, but yet again, can’t take it. He’s got the mentality of a hack who was fed everything in life on a silver platter and tries to act tough, but when push comes to shove he’s just a fake tough guy who lives in LA and grew up in the rich Upper East Side of Manhattan. I mean, shit, he still lives in his Mommy’s apartment when he comes back to NYC once a year.

I can’t speak for the others involved in the lawsuit. Or for Barstool as a whole. But speaking for myself, this is all I gotta say:

Bring it on, you motherfucking fraud hack of a fuk you. Bring it on.

PS – Clickbait Smits has been informed, and he is indeed not happy. I’m honestly not too sure if I can control him. More from CBS tomorrow, but he’s just getting started.

PPS – Not good, Rap! Not good!