Skeens Brother, The Cop, Cowboy Kevlar, The Milkman, Raccoon Boy And More Of My Favorite Fighters Are Returning To Brawl On A Baseball Field

I mean watch that promo video. Just an electric factory of humanity. 6 Main Events for the price of 1. You’re welcome. Look it was a no brainer to bring back these fighters for RNR 5. I certainly don’t hate having my very own all-star team of backyard brawlers at my beck and call either. It’s gonna be a powerful card with characters from every RNR PPV along with the entire Skeen family rolling down from the hills. And that’s just counting what happens in the ring. I fully expect Raccoon Boy, Milkman, “Welcome to the jungle” Jessina and the rest to raise the entrance stakes too.

If we don’t have live raccoons, giant dumpsters, exploding galloons of milk, fireballs, and whatever the hell Jess wants to do then something has gone horribly wrong. But I’m here to promise you that won’t happen on my watch. Lexington is gonna be pure madness on October 5th. That’s a guarantee.

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