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Uncle Chaps Is Too Humble To Tell You That ZBT Is Getting A "Moral Courage" Award From Headstrong, A Mental Health For Veterans Organization

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Chaps asked me to blog this because Erika asked him to blog this and he is too humble to do it himself.  Didn’t want it to seem like he was patting himself on the back just for doing his job.  The fact that he and the ZBT crew just won the 2018 “Moral Courage” Award for the work they’ve done supporting the veteran community and the courage they’ve shown to publicly share their stories about dealing with PTSD.

Everyone’s focused on the Kevin and Nate battle, the Smitty and Nate beef, the rise of the electrifying Clickbait Smits, the hit pieces, the Twitter chirping (that includes me.)  Want to know something we should really care about?   Chaps, Connor and Kate doing incredible work for the mental health of our veterans.

On Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 23:08 Zachary Iscol wrote:

Dear Kate, Chaps, and Connor,

I hope you’re having a great night and that the three of you will be able to join us at this year’s Headstrong Gala on October 18th

We would like to present the three of you with this year’s moral courage award for the work you have done supporting our community by having the courage to share your stories dealing with PTSD. The work you’re doing is helping to save lives and we really appreciate the Zero Blog Thirty love and support.

Invite and more information attached.

Thanks and SF,


From: Joe Quinn
To: Cons, Chaps, Kate
Subject: Re: Headstrong Moral Courage Award

Kate, Chaps & Connor,

I can’t fully express how excited I am for the three of you to receive this award as I am a big fan.

Listening to your podcast was one of the many inspiration for me to publish an op-ed about Afghanistan last week, and specifically in referencing Tom Brady.

My only input into this process was telling Zach “Just don’t give it to some General.”

Your openness to speak about mental health and Headstrong has led to dozens of leads and veterans in treatment and that’s what this is all about.

I’d like to end on a serious note.

I went to the same high school as Pete Davidson. My brother taught Pete Davidson. He knew Pete Davidson. And Pete Davidson does in fact have butthole eyes.

All the Best,

Joe Quinn
Executive Director

Glad that so many people are taking notice of what we see at Barstool day in and day out – Zero Blog Thirty bringing attention and awareness to issues that truly matter.