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Evan Fournier Is Cyberbullying LeBron James

This is just flat out cyberbullying and I can’t believe the NBA is letting Evan Fournier get away with it. I’m not one to just let cyberbullying occur and sit back and watch. It’s time for action. There’s something wrong about Evan Fournier going after LeBron James publicly like this and that’s just a fact.

I need LeBron to respond here though. I mean it’s too good of a tweet by Fournier for  not a response. Preferably I need LeBron to try and dunk all over Fournier and then pose with his headband. Or he has to celebrate rubbing his forehead. Just give me something.

But, this is how you tweet. Don’t get me wrong Evan Fournier is a good player (don’t you dare google his last name) but he’s not one of the first 25 names you think of when you list NBA players. Hell, if you list French NBA players he’s probably not one of the first 3-5 names listed.

So him taking a shot at LeBron? Well, that’s like a clown writing a hit piece about Dave or Barstool.