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Brie Bella Is An Absolute Liability In The Ring, Just Legitimately Knocked Her Opponent Out On Monday Night RAW

I didn’t wanna have to write this blog, because I love Brie Bella and she’s been nothing but nice to me in the past, but she is currently one of the biggest liabilities to ever step foot in a squared circle – INCLUDING New Jack.

Tonight, Brie fucked up and legitimately KO’d Liv Morgan in the ring with two “YES!” Kicks right to the face (typically they’re supposed to land on your opponent’s upper chest). Liv’s currently undergoing concussion testing, which I assume will be cut-and-dry. No duh she has a concussion. She just got kicked in the skull so hard she was knocked unconscious.

Last week, Brie ruined the finish of her mixed tag team match with Daniel Bryan against Maryse and The Miz…

…and the week before that? I’ll let you see for yourself.

I admire the hell out of both Bella Twins’ passion for the wrestling business, truly. Neither of them have to take another bump for the rest of their lives, and haven’t had to in a long time, but they keep coming back because they love wrestling. Seriously! Brie’s not back this soon after giving birth for a paycheck. It’s just for the love of the industry, and for that, I don’t think either of them will ever get the credit they deserve. Not ONLY for that, but also for the impact they’ve had on women’s wrestling as a whole, which cannot be understated. I have nothing but respect for them.


It’s time for Brie to either spend a few weeks at the WWE Performance Center to shake off the ring rust, or it’s time for her to hang up the boots for good. I know the latter is harsh, and I don’t think that’s necessary, per-say, but somebody has to do something because now we’re past the point of “She’s gonna hurt somebody or herself.” WAY past it. Gotta get her outta that ring, ASAP.

Brie issued a classy statement here: