The Niners Need A QB...Hmmmmmmm

The Niners will need to sign a new QB. They came into the season with 2 QBs on the roster, Garoppolo and CJ Beathard, and now it looks like Jimmy G will miss some time, if not all of the rest of the season. It’s a very unfortunate

CJ Beathard seems nice n all, and he played all right as a rookie last year, but the 49ers will need to sign someone else. Especially because they went all in on Jimmy G to the tune of *checks notes* five-years, $137.5 million, they don’t want to now waste the season. So who should they sign?



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Big Cat is all in on them signing Jay Cutler. And it sorta makes sense? It’s low risk…low reward, but the thing Cutler does do is move the needle. He’s not going to win you many games, but he’ll at least make them interesting. And to be fair, he didn’t completely suck last year on the Dolphins, tossing 19 TDs and 14 INTs to the tune of 2,666 (spooky!) yards. Cutler is like…the most average to below average QB you can sign in terms of skill. You know that by signing him there’s no way you’re going to make the Super Bowl. None. And he’s probably very out of shape. But he’s out there, and money talks. So it’s always a possibility.


4) Tony Romo

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I want Tony Romo in the red and gold (do they say that out there? It’s awesome colors) very badly. I grew up with the Niners and Cowboys being the two best teams, always going to battle with one another for supremacy. And the NFL was a lot more fun that way. Nevermind the teams of the 90’s, remember when TO stunted all over the Cowboys Star and caused a melee? That’s why we need Romo on the Niners. Cowboys fans will lose their minds. They are stuck with Dak and his noodle arm, desperately trying to throw for a buck 50 in a game. If Romo dusted off the ol’ cleats and put together a win streak in San Fran? It will be mayhem in Dallas. Absolute mayhem. Jerry Jones having to defend Dak, Dez Bryant tweeting from the clouds, complete chaos, and I need it.


3) Byron Leftwich

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Honestly there’s no reason for the Niners to sign him, I just had a conversation during yesterday’s Skins-Packers game about that Marshall game where his teammates carried him up and down the field, and I feel we don’t talk about that enough.

Byron Leftwich was in that 2003 draft that I remember so fondly. I think it’s because I was so into college football and the NFL Draft at that time, it brings back such good memories. Carson Palmer, Leftwich, Boller, and Grossman all going in the first round, and then guys like Brian Bollinger, Kliff Kingsbury, and Brian St. Pierre going in the later rounds. Just good memories of simpler times when the draft was Saturday-Sunday and the Redskins only had 3 picks total.


2 and 1)

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Obviously. I think at this point Kaep is out of the question. I mean Eric Reid can’t even get signed and he did like 10% of what Kaep did. And Eric Reid is a much better football player too. So I can’t imagine any sort of Kaep return to San Fran.

RG3 though, it makes sense. He had his career year in 2012 under Kyle Shanahan, who is now the head coach and OC of the Niners. He is 100% healthy. He knows Alfred Morris and Pierre Garcon. And he had a great preseason, was praised as a leader, and is poised and ready to play in the league again. Everything makes sense for him to go West. And the thing is, while you know Jay Cutler won’t give you a chance to win, you can’t say the same about Griffin. He went 10-6 as a rookie and took the Skins to the playoffs. Injuries have hampered his career, but if he’s healthy again, who is to say he can’t get back to form? It’s low risk, high reward. Very high reward. Plus, the RPO is back, listen to any broadcast this year, they’ll let you know.

So we shall see what the Niners do. I expect Beathard to start, but if he ends up sucking, they will want someone ready to come in. And that person should be RG3. Give up a 7th rounder for him, as he’s inactive on gamedays for the Ravens as it is, and try to salvage the season, and then get value out of him at the end of the year. Everyone wins. Make the call, Niners. Make the call.