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Mark DeRosa Talking About Having The Same Injury Didi Gregorius Currently Has Is The Last Thing I Needed To Hear On This Monday

Well, Jesus Christ. I’m trying to remain calm over here, but I’ve got Mark DeRosa being the most somber person in the world telling us Didi could be in big trouble here. The injury Didi has is common amongst baseball players and seems to be something that heals on a case by case basis. With a cortisone shot and rest, Didi could back into our lives in just a few days. He also could be lost for the season. Didi was positive after Sunday’s game, but it will all depend how his wrist reacts to the cortisone shot.

Timetables have not been friendly to the Yankees this season. We were told Judge would be out three weeks with his wrist injury and it turned out to be almost two months. DeRosa dreading where Boone pointed to in his wrist made me cringe. Him talking about how a check swing made his wrist rupture made my insides crawl inside out. The word rupture is just awful. Can we get rid of it? I’m getting sick just thinking about that happening.

I know Didi is going to play through this, but how effective will he be? Judge has come back to hit 3-20 (.150) since. The exit velo on his 13 batted balls is just 85.8 mph. Now we have two wrist injuries to worry about. It’s not good folks, it’s not. I know theoretically we could survive without Didi, but in reality we can’t. We need him at short and we need him splitting up the righties in this lineup. Without Didi there are just two lefties that would be regulars in the lineup, Aaron Hicks and Neil Walker, both switch hitters. It is imperative he comes back and is able to produce.

Fuck. I need this man batting third in my lineup next Wednesday.