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The Philadelphia Flyers' New Mascot Is Named "Gritty" And Now The Rest Of The League Is In For A World Of Hurt





So word was spreading around like wild fire over the past week or so that the Flyers would be getting a mascot for the first time since 1976. Now at first, I was so excited to hate the Flyers’ new mascot. I wanted to find this son of a bitch the first game of the season and fight him. But the moment it was announced today that his name is Gritty and he looks like if Jake Voracek spent a few tough months on the streets in Kensington? Now I am all the way in. I would let Gritty marry my mom. That is how much I love this thing. I would kill for you, Gritty.

Everything about this beautiful bastard is perfect. The fact that his body looks like the Phillie Phanatic went too heavy on the spray tan. The crack head eyes. The beard that is so on-brand for the Philadelphia Flyers team that is so heavy on bearded gingers to begin with. And the fact that his name is Gritty. You couldn’t possibly have asked for a better mascot for the city of Philadelphia. It’s so weird. It’s so preposterous. And you know what? This may just be the Kool-Aid Jammers talking but it may be just the thing this team needs to get over the hump.

I understand that mascot’s rarely have any impact on the game but Gritty is different. This is a mascot who is going to push the Flyers. He is a mascot who is going to demand the best out of every single one of those guys on the roster every night. Gritty never takes a night off. Gritty never takes a shift off. Gritty wears his heart on his sleeve and plays balls to the walls hockey for 60+ minutes ever night. So what if he looks like a Sesame Street character who dabbles in meth? He is our Sesame Street character who dabbles in meth and he’s going to bring the Stanley Cup back to the city of Philadelphia.

We Are All Gritness.