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Barstool Philly Beer Pong Tournament Added To March Madness Mayhem Friday At Blarney Stone


BOOM! Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moon light? Because you clearly haven’t if you’ve never faced off against me on the table. In addition to the greatness that is all Bud Light, Shock Top and Rolling Rock POUNDERS being $2.50 (deadly) and $5 Cheesesteaks, we’re including a bracketed beer pong tourney for those who think they can shoot with the best. Prizes, t-shirts, specials and other happy crap will be given out along the way, too.

If you want to play all you need to do is find a partner and email to reserve your spot. Best team name gets shots on me. Doors open at 11am, looking to start the tournament around 12.

Good luck. And it goes without saying this is 21+. See you at Blarney Stone – 39th and Sansom.