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Wake Up With Ken Griffey Jr Mondays - The Kid Gets The Call That He Is Inducted Into The Hall Of Fame.

I’m a sucker for videos of guys finding out they made the Hall Of Fame, especially when it’s one of the GOATS. I remember hearing that Ken Griffey Jr was the FIRST EVER FIRST OVERALL PICK TO MAKE THE BASEBALL HALL OF FAME. That blew my mind. Baseball has been around since 1630 and it took until 2016 for a R1P1 guy to make it to Cooperstown. Mind bottling. Chipper Jones joined him this season, so we now have 2 in 2 years, but what a drought that was.

Everyone knew Griffey would make it into Cooperstown, and on the first ballot. I’m sure there were some people who thought he would get 100% of the votes too, which didn’t happen, but he ended up with the highest % of votes ever, a whopping 99.32% of the votes, 437 of the 440 votes. I’d like to look those 3 idiots who didn’t vote for him right in the face and as them what their problem is. The baseball HOF votes are the dumbest group of old white men I’ve ever seen. There are guys who REFUSE to vote for anyone on the first ballot because they say “If Hank Aaron didn’t get 100% of the votes, no one should!” Shut up. If YOU are the guy who says “Meh, idk, Ken Griffey was good, I guess, but not on my ballot”, you can go ahead and shove one.

I love how nonchalant The Kid was about the call too, prob was just waiting for the call all day so he could get on with his day, finish up some yard work and go grocery shopping. I did think it was neat how he was caught off guard when they told him he set the record for highest voting %. I mean his official reaction to being told that was “Eh, okay”. But you could see him get a little emotional and that’s awesome, what a moment for him and his family.