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Vikings Fans Are Handling The Josh Allen Experience Well

This rant had absolutely everything. He had to talk a long walk outside and get in his car just so he didn’t start smashing mirrors and glasses in his house. This guy genuinely, truly, legitimately hates everything about his life. He’s got nothing and it didn’t really set in until Josh Allen strutted into town and started wrecking shit left and right for him to truly realize how much sports suck for him. Jimmy Butler leaving after a year, the Twins not making the playoffs and even when they do make the playoffs they lose to the Yankees, the Wild never being able to seal the deal.

The Lynx? Buddy, don’t even talk to him about the WNBA dynasty that’s been staring him in the face for years. Beggars can’t be choosers and if you’re a Minnesota die hard you better start taking better care of your Maya Moore jerseys and start speaking with a little more respect in your gullet for the only real champion in that godforsaken city.