The Army-Oklahoma Conspiracy Blog

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I know I said the conspiracy blogs would go away once football season kicked off, but that doesn’t mean I was going to put my tinfoil hat in the attic to collect dust until the Spring. Heavens no. The price of democracy is eternal vigilance. Never take your eye off the ball. Sleep with one eye open. Keep your head on a swivel. So on and so forth.

Anyway, sometime in the past hour or so half my timeline started talking about this Army-Oklahoma football game and how it’s coming down to the wire. Army ran for 331 yards, has dominated time of possession, and is trying their absolute hardest to knock off one of the premier programs in the country. Would be an all time upset because it involves Army football winning a game against a ranked Power 5 opponent on the road and it isn’t 1912. In fact the game is *so* exciting that Army was driving to end regulation, threw a pick, Oklahoma drove right back down the field, set up the game winning field goal, and shanked it to force overtime. I cannot verify any of this to be true because all I’ve only been able to follow along via tweets like I’m staring at a fucking AP ticker in the 1940s.

But if this game is to be believed to be real, it’s mighty convenient that all this is happening behind a $55 PAYWALL. Would be a real shame if there was an all time upset that no one saw, causing people to actually pay for the next COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEPTEMBER REGULAR SEASON GAME FOR FIFTY FIVE DOLLARS. Even to find an illegal stream of this game feels like it’s playing right into their hands. And where’s the line? If they’re going to charge FIFTY FIVE AMERICAN DOLLARS for Oklahoma-Army in late-September, what are they considering charging for the College Football Playoffs? And then will that price double when they double the field to eight games?


This stinks to high heavens and I don’t like it, not one bit. The NCAA should be ashamed of themselves for this blatant attempted ruse. If they want to cut me in on this I will gladly delete this blog for a large lump sum but until then I will continue to shout from the two-story rooftops that this is a farce, nothing more nothing less. A scandal that would rival steroids in baseball if it were ever to be proven true.