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Kentucky Pulled It Off. Pt 2. Holy. Shit.

Benny god damn Snell is ready for the Heisman. I tried telling everyone that a pissed off Benny was a positive for UK and boy did he pull it off. Benny ran for 165 yards on 25 carries with 4 touchdowns in the biggest win in the Stoops Era.

You know I’m almost appalled that announcers questioned who the second best team in the SEC East is. It’s clearly Kentucky. You don’t lineup Terry Touchdown, Benny, CJ Conrad, Dorian Baker and Lynn Bowden and think otherwise.

This is just a perfect execution by Stoops and Gran on the offensive side of the ball. Defensively Kentucky couldn’t be better. Josh Allen was more talented and taller than Josh Allen the Buffalo QB. The secondary showed up, it was just perfect defensively. Nick Fitzgerald got hit, and he was forced to make decisions under pressure.

This is it. This is the year. Kentucky has a magical year and this a Kentucky football blog. Basketball is postponed until further notice. This team is special, this team wants Georgia. Go Cats and Viva La Stool.