Something Is Happening...

UPDATE: 6-under through 7 holes. 13-under total. 5 shot lead. Everybody stay calm.


Final event of the year. Best 30 players of the season. Tiger’s paired with the no. 1 ranked player in the world (who’s a Euro). He starts:

Four shot lead (just made another birdie to start 5-under through 6 holes).

A year ago he couldn’t even take full swings. Now he’s back. And look, I’ve known Tiger is back for several months now. I’ve tweeted it, blogged it, podcasted it, worn it like a badge of honor on Rundowns and Barstool Radio segments. But a win would seal the deal. A win makes it official. Beating the 30 best players of the PGA Tour finale a week before the Ryder Cup would be an exclamation point on an already unbelievable season for 42-year-old Tiger Woods.

Driving it great. Irons dialed. Scotty SZN in full effect. Let’s get it.