A Tesla, A Kawasaki Superbike, A Formula 1 Car, Two Sports Cars, A Private Jet, And A Fighter Jet In A Race - Who Ya Got?

And the winner is (for the people that didn’t watch the whole 1 minute long video)…


The superbike! Not really a surprise for anybody that has played Grand Theft Auto and knows that nothing beats a fast bike on a straightaway. Being a rather large man, I’ll freely admit that I was rooting for anything but the bike to win because small is the opposite of what I am and pretty much every bike I see on the street is being ridden by the biggest hardo on the road. I guess I was also rooting against the Tesla because there is no way that poor Trent would be able to live down Elon Musk’s creation taking home whatever trophy/prize you get for this.

That was also an absolute kick in the dick for the F1 car. If that race is a few feet shorter, Team Red Bull gets whip out their metaphorical dicks and remind everybody that Red Bull still gives you wings. However Kawasaki takes it home with the pocket rocket. And while I may despise all motorized bikes because they are death traps driven by many dickheads, I have no beef with Kawasaki since that was the cool brand to be sponsored by in the old California Games video game for old school NES.

Simpler times, man. Simpler times.