11 Year Old Shot A Home Invader And Then Made Fun Of Him For Crying Like A Baby

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WILX - Home school student Chris Gaither, 11, was alone Wednesday morning when he heard a noise.

Someone had broken into his house and walked upstairs.

Gaither said he was scared, but wanted to be prepared so he grabbed a nine-millimeter hand gun.

“When he was coming down the stairs, that’s when he told me he was going to kill me, f-you and all that,” Gaither said.

The intruder made it out the front door with a hamper in hand.

That’s when Gaither started firing off bullets. As the intruder was about to jump a fence in the front yard, Gaither’s 12th and final shot hit the suspect in the leg.

“I shot through the hamper he was carrying,” Gaither said. “It was a full metal jacket bullet. It went straight through the back of his leg. He started crying like a little baby.”


Lesson here: Do not mess with homeschooled kids. They are absolute wild cards in every sense of the way. This kid was just waiting for the moment where he could pop off. You don’t want to be the reason an 11 year old home schooled kid who hasn’t had contact with a human being other than his over-protective mother in 6 months loses his mind. That robber thought he was just going to smash and grab, but he ended up getting lit up by Chris Gaither. Chris fired 12 shots at the intruder. 12! All that pent up energy from not having recess, all that pent up aggression from his mom trying to get him to read the dictionary so he could win spelling bees (great reference by me, only home schooled kids are in spelling bees), all was taken out on that intruder.

And then the best- “He started crying like a little baby”.

GET EM!!!!

Imagine being shot by an 11 year old, and then having that 11 year old just talk shit about you on the news. Imagine going to Thanksgiving dinner after that. “Hey remember when that little fat kid shot you and then you cried like a little bitch? Pass the mashed potatoes?” Devastating.

It reminds me of the Dave Chappelle bit: