A Very Good Dog Patiently Helps Blind Dog Friend Down The Stairs

Feel good Friday in the house! Just a little pick me up to put you in a good mood as we head towards the weekend. Let this blog be a respite from the horrible goings on around the rest of the world. Here we have dogs helping dogs. We’re short on humans helping humans videos right now so we have to look to the dogs. That dog could’ve been an asshole and dragged the blind dog down the stairs like the weaker half of a potato sack race but nope. There was honestly a couple times where I thought the dog with vision was gonna bolt down the stairs. I’m not proud of having those thoughts but they were there. Thankfully the dog didn’t do that. He did the opposite in fact. Instead the dog was very patient and helped the blind dog all the way down the stairs. Stopped at each step like a goddamn champ. Enjoy the rest of your Friday and beyond.