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Movie Trailer Roundup


1. Captain Marvel

This was obviously the biggest trailer of the week, getting that sweet GMA publicity. I’ll say that I wasn’t overly impressed by this trailer, but I also think they’re essentially saving their nut for the second, and possible third trailers that will come closer to the release date. I really don’t know anything about the hero at all, but it will be cool to see the Thanos killer in action. Also, you notice the Blockbuster? Just in case you forgot it’s the 90’s. Brie Larson (Room), Samuel L. Jackson (Star Wars: Attack of the Clones), Ben Mendelsohn (Bloodline), Gemma Chan (Crazy Rich Asians) and Jude Law (Repo Men). It’s written and directed by Anna Boden (Half Nelson) and Ryan Fleck (A Kind of Funny Story).

2. The Girl in the Spiders Web (Trailer #2)

The soft-reboot to ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’, I’m not entirely sure what to think of this trailer. I liked the first movie and thought the performances of both Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig were great, so I’m not thrilled about the re-casts. That said, I love Claire Foy, and am willing to see how this works out. Although I will say ‘The Snowman’ has turned me off to Baltic crime-dramas for a while. This stars Foy (The Crown), Sylvia Hoeks (Blade Runner 2049), Lakeith Stanfield (Get Out), and Stephen Merchant (Logan). Fede Alvarez (Don’t Breath) has the wheel on a Jay Basu (Fast Girls) adaptation of the book.

3. Apostle

Butter me allllll the way the fuck up for this. The only thing I love more than freaky cult shit is Dan Stevens, my prodigal son from ‘Legion’. This looks like the perfect marriage of both with the added bonus of it being a free movie. Besides Stevens, it stars Michael Sheen (The Damned United) and Kristine Froseth (Sierra Burgess is a Loser). Gareth Evans (The Raid 2) is writing and directing.

4. Prospect

This trailer was the odd combination of pretty great CGI and shit-awful set pieces. That space station thing looked rad as hell and then the planet sort of looked like TV-Movie quality. That said, this debuted at SXSW to generally favorable reviews, holding at 82% on RT with 11 reviews total. The cast includes Pedro Pascal (Narcos), Sophie Thatcher (The Exorcist) and Jay Duplass (Transparent). It was written/directed by duo Christopher Caldwell and Zeek Earl (Into the Pines).

5. Replicas

So, this doesn’t look great. I just can’t root against Keanu or Tom Middleditch. I feel like this concept has been explored a few times in movies as well, but never usually with a big budget. That trend looks like it’s continuing here, and I think our woah-iest son deserves more money. It stars Keanu (Constantine), Middleditch (Tag) and Alice Eve (Star Trek: Into Darkness). It’s directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff (The Day After Tomorrow) and written by Chad St. John (London has Fallen).

6. Bigger

Pumping Iron 2 hell yea baby! Well, not really. This is the story of Joe and Ben Weider, the fathers of modern bodybuilding. My stupid brain loves dramatizations of weird niche topics, so I’m looking forward to see Tyler Hoechlin and his monstrous cheeks take on Venice Beach.


God damn, cheeks for WEEKS. It stars Hoechlin (Supergirl), Julianne Hough (Dirty Grandpa) and Kevin Durand (X-Men Origins: Wolverine). George Gallo (Bad Boys) wrote and directed.

7. Stan & Ollie

I really don’t know shit about Laurel and Hardy’s routine outside of the name, so I’m going to go into it with a completely open mind. This didn’t stop me from writing some HILARIOUS material on the subject for the podcast this week.

It stars John C. Reilly (Days of Thunder) , Steve Coogan (Tropic Thunder) and Shirley Henderson (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets). It’s directed by Jon S. Baird (Babylon) and written by Jeff Pope (Pierrepoint).

8. Beautiful Boy (Trailer #2)

I was so, so excited for this movie after the first trailer. Since it’s premiere at TIFF, though, my expectations were humbled in a huge way. With 31 reviews, it’s holding at 74% in a movie that I thought critics would eat up. The general consensus is that the acting is great, but the story and plot just stinks. Not really much they can do here considering it is an adaptation of writer David Sheff’s memoir. It stars Steve Carrell (Despicable Me 3), Timothee Chalamet (Interstellar), Maura Tierney (Liar Liar) and Amy Ryan (Escape Plan). Felix Van Groeningen (The Misfortunates) is behind the camera on this one.

9. The Super

Iceman is BACK! It’s cool to see Val Kilmer embracing his bad guy looks once again in what looks to be a pretty bad movie. Stephan Rick (The Dark Side of the Moon) is directing.

10. Wreck-It Ralph 2

Nothing has really been added since the first trailer so I’ll reiterate what I said from the last time I blogged it.This is pure Disney porn and that’s perfectly ok. My biggest problem with this is how similar it is in concept to one of the worst movies of 2017, “Emoji Movie”

In this movie, the arcade characters, who are usually confined to their own universe, are introduced to a bunch of BRANDS & PROPERTIES such as (just from this trailerDance Dance Revolution X2, Street Fighter II, Dragon’s Lair, Pac-Man, Virtua Cop, Frogger , Space Invaders, Cisco, Amazon, Twitter, Snapchat, Carvana, MySpace, IMDb, Facebook, LADbible, YouTube, Yelp, Google, National Geographic, Photoshop, Nordstrom Rack, Urban Outfitters, Family Matters, Oh My Disney, Beauty and the Beast, The Princess and the Frog, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Mulan, Frozen, Sleeping Beauty, Tangled, Brave, The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Moana, Aladdin, Snow White, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Cars, The Muppet Show, Up, Star Wars, Disney Animation, The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Pixar, Toy Story, Dumbo, and Fantasia which makes for a fun and totally genuine, non-commercialized adventure.

In Emoji movie, the main emoji escapes his own universe (Textopolis) and goes to other apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Candy Crush, Dropbox, Spotify, Twitter, Just Dance, Youtube, and more which also made for a totally genuine and non-commercialized adventure.

11. If Beale Street Could Talk (Trailer #2)

I’d give this trailer an Oscar if I could. This is going to be a huge contender come award season, and I can’t wait to see the adaptation of of James Baldwin’s classic novel. It stars Kiki Layne in her first motion picture, Stephan James(Race), Teyonah Parris (Chi-Raq), Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta), Dave Franco (21 Jump Street), Ed Skrein (Deadpool), Diego Luna (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), Pedro Pascal (Narcos) and Regina King (Jerry Maguire). It’s adapted and directed by Barry Jenkins, the mastermind behind Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay winner ‘Moonlight’.

12. Ride

I’ve had my fill of rideshare movies since reviewing ‘Rideshare’, my worst rated movie of 2018. So I figured why not let our newest hire, Ellie, give her thoughts on the movie. Seems more appropriate anyway since the prospect of being kidnapped by an Uber driver isn’t designed to scare me, an overweight, ugly, poopie-man.

Ellie: I think this movie is supposed to be a “thriller” rather than a true horror movie, but the premise of it absolutely terrifies me. I rarely take Ubers by myself at night because I’m terrified my driver will actually turn out to be a murderer. Thanks to this trailer, I’m now afraid i’ll get murdered in an Uber whether i’m by myself or not, which is super fun! It’s a shame because it actually looks like it might be a decent movie. Bella Thorne and Jessie T. Usher have good chemistry and Will Brill is very creepy as the murderer dude. However, I will definitely be skipping it to avoid having a panic attack every time I need to drive somewhere. Either that, or i’ll just start exclusively taking cabs.

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