What's The Next Massive Losing Streak To Be Snapped?


So it’s been the month of snapping losing streaks. We had the Browns get their first win in 19 games last night (granted technically the losing stopped in week 1). We had Kentucky snap a 31-game losing streak to Florida earlier in the month. So with those in mind what are the other losing streaks out there across sports and what will be snapped next?

College basketball – Clemson gets first win in Chapel Hill
Clemson has gone 59 games in a row losing to North Carolina in Chapel Hill. They’ve come close, sure, but 59 games! Frankly, while there have been close games, there haven’t been many. Only seven of the 59 games have been single digit games or went to overtime. On the flipside 13 games were 30-point wins by UNC. That’s ridiculous. I don’t know what it is – actually, I do, Clemson typically stinks and UNC is typically good – but Clemson desperately needs to win here soon.

NHL – Maples Leafs win a Stanley Cup for the first time since 1967
The Maple Leafs are a proud franchise. They are one of the Original Six and they are one of the first teams people think of when you say NHL. That said, they’ve been failures in the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the last 50 years. According to my sources (Chief from Barstool Chicago and Red Line Radio) they are contenders this year. Apparently they got some guy named John Tavares that made Frankie none too thrilled.

College basketball – A Big 10 Team winning the title for the first time since 2000
Don’t give me that Maryland won it since. Maryland was in the ACC. Despite being down the last couple of years, the Big 10 was consistently a top-3 conference in America. They had plenty of chances with seven Big 10 teams losing in the title game since 2000. The best chances came with Michigan in 2013, Illinois in 2005 and Wisconsin in 2015.

NFL – The Cincinnati Bengals winning a playoff game
The Cincinnati Bengals had a couple of chances to win a playoff game and most of the people reading this probably have never seen them win a playoff game. It’s been 27 years since the Bengals last won one. They had the devastating loss to the Steelers in 2015 when Jeremy Hill fumbled. They have a chance this year with a 2-0 start and the offense actually looking like a threat with Dalton playing better.

NBA – The Milwaukee Bucks winning a playoff series
The Milwaukee Bucks have been unable to win a playoff series in 17 years. On top of that, they have 9 consecutive playoff series losses, the longest in NBA history. The last time the Bucks won a playoff series was in 2001 when they beat Charlotte 4-3 in the conference semifinals. That team had Ray Allen, Sam Cassell, Glenn Robinson and Michael Redd. It’s been quite some time, but this is the one that should be snapped this year.

Internet – People trying to take down Barstool
HAHAHAHAHAHHA, good luck with this one. Undefeated record here.

I would say the most likely one to be snapped is the Bucks winning a playoff series. The most unlikely? I’ll go with the Leafs winning the Stanley Cup. What am I missing here? What would you go with?