The Browns Didn't Win For Free Bud Light, They Won For JR Smith To Go Shirtless Celebrating In The Stadium


Step 1 of a 2-part play presented by JR Smith. The first step is the threat of a good time. Browns win? Yeah, that’s awesome for the city and the organization. But, JR is ready to take it a another step. This is a man who spent all summer shirtless a couple of years ago. We all know celebration time means JR is ripping his shirt off. It’s just his move. Nothing but respect here.

Step 2: Untitled

Five minutes later we have JR just shirtless and screaming. Personally, I’d have it no other way. The man loves to blast some bare chest and hang out in Cleveland. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, my friends. You think JR is the only one to remove their shirt after watching Baker Mayfield play that second half? I’m pretty sure I saw a coach on the Browns sideline acting like Farmer Fran in the Waterboy.

And now for the full video from his Instagram:

What a treasure. Luckily for us, he knew the score this time and that Cleveland was ahead. Could have gotten awkward there for a second.