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The Real Action During The 1st Quarter Of Browns Vs. Jets Took Place With An Opossum In Section 101

UPDATE: We have a video

Folks, we have rally squirrels and the such in baseball. We now have the perfect rally animal in section 101 in Cleveland. The rally opossum. It’s what Cleveland needs right now.

Actually, it’s what we all need right now. This game has been absolutely brutal to watch – and this is someone that watched all of that Cowboys/Giants suckfest. Give me action in the stands. Give me an opossum causing mayhem in section 101. Give me some crazy ass Clevelander snatching this thing up and throwing him in a box.

Thursday Night Football, always bringing us the best of the best. All I know is whenever the Browns come back and win a game, that opossum better be at the celebration with the Bud Light fridges. Love that the guy holding this animal up by the tail is wearing a jersey and orange pants. Just perfectly Cleveland. I love that city so much.