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A Quick Update on Robert "Clown" Silverman (And yes he is literally a clown. Like graduated from Clown College)


So just a quick update on this clown Robert Silverman. (And yes he is really a clown. Like he graduated from Clown College. You can’t make this shit up) Anyway after I put him in a casket yesterday and dropped him in the river and called him a coward for not asking me for a quote about an article he was writing about me even though he reached out to all our advertisers and some of our employees here he pee’d down his leg and sent this email to our PR agency TODAY.


Hahahaha. What a joke. I have this idiot on puppet strings and he doesn’t even know it. My next move just happened. We’ll see if Clown Man gets on the horn with me or not.

Another Update

Clown Man is trying to get me banned from twitter. Still hasn’t agreed to talk with me.