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Credit To Ottawa Senators GM Pierre Dorion On Finally Admitting He Had A Twitter Burner Account

2017 SAP NHL Global Series

If you were closely following the circus show that was the Ottawa Senators this past summer, you’ll remember that there was a strange Twitter account that started popping up to defend the organization while shit was hitting the fan with the Karlsson vs Hoffman drama. The account called into question was @JimboMikeFisher.

Right away people were assuming the account belonged to GM Pierre Dorion, especially since it came out so close in relation to the Bryan Colangelo Burner Account story and general manager burner accounts were all the rage. But the operator of that account had reached out to Travis Yost, who first reported the account, to say that he/she has zero ties to the organization and is just a fan from Ottawa looking to defend their team. If you’re a believer in “innocent until proven guilty”, well then you had no other choice to just believe the account wasn’t being controlled by Pierre Dorion until some actual proof came out to say otherwise. Just like that, the story was seemingly over. So a couple of months pass by and all of a sudden, the Ottawa Senators invited a bunch of media members over yesterday to talk about the current state of the Senators and to discuss their rebuild plans moving forward. You can read the entire article right here, but this is the quote that is going to get all of the attention.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 2.40.27 PM

“I’m not even on Twitter. I was on Twitter for a while and someone figure out who I was so I got off.” 

Now just for fun, let’s check in real quick to see when the last time @JimboMikeFisher tweeted was…

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 2.48.57 PM

June 15th. Just one day after the report about a possible Senators burner account was posted.

There are only 2 possible scenarios here, folks. Either 1) Pierre Dorion was well aware of the rumors about him possibly having a burner account and decided to troll the shit out of a bunch of reporters. Or 2) Pierre Dorion just accidentally admitted that the account belonged to him. In either scenario, my hat goes off to him.

If it’s scenario #1, then I owe Pierre Dorion a major apology. Because if he was able to sit on a troll for that long just to break it out in some random gathering of journalists 2 months later, well then the man is a genius. I’ve been spending all this time thinking that the Senators were run by a bunch of schmucks but here comes Pierre Dorion earning himself a spot in the Troll God Hall of Fame. Any ol’ idiot can run a hockey team. But to be able to come up with a troll of this proportion after the summer the team had? That takes somebody special.

And if it’s scenario #2, well then good on Dorion for finally getting that one off his chest. He clearly wasn’t the first general manager in professional sports to have a burner account on Twitter, and he certainly won’t be the last. All of these guys have to have secret accounts to keep tabs on their players. You can’t create an account for yourself, throw your players a follow and then expect them to act on social media how they would typically act without you following them. So you make an egg account, you check in on your players every now and then, but sometimes the urge to clap back at some haters is too strong and you go full Colangelo/Barb Bottini. It happens. I just wish more GMs would come out and admit it.

So kudos to Pierre Dorion either way. I know it’s been a long summer for the guy but you know what they say about hitting rock bottom. There’s nowhere to go from there but up, or to just relocate the team entirely.