Kanye Went On An Instagram Rant About Nick Cannon, Drake And Tyson Beckford Talking About Having Sex With His Wife

Kanye West is UPSET folks. He’s upset and ready to address some things. Not only is he upset but he is winded. He’s currently walking around Chicago yelling into his phone about Nick Cannon, Drake and Tyson Beckford under a train. Laugh out loud funny when Kanye stopped the rant to let the train pass. Kanye doing a bunch of one minute Instagram clips instead of just posting the entire thing on Twitter is super bizarre and super Kanye.

I gotta tell ya, Kanye had to expect this when he married Kim Kardashian. I hate to break it to Ye but she has had sex with other people. She has had sex with other famous people in fact. That’s gonna get brought up whether Kanye likes it or not. The whole reason she’s famous is because of her sex tape with Ray J. Kim Kardashian’s sex life is what her and her family built an entire empire on. So for Kanye to get upset now that folks are bringing up his wife is crazy. I can understand that he thinks it’s scummy for people to talk about having sex with his wife but that’s how it goes when you marry Kim Kardashian. He didn’t marry the girl next door. Kim K has made millions and millions of dollars on scummy. Kanye can’t get mad now that the scummy has been turned on him because Nick Cannon and Tyson Beckford said things about their previous sexual relationships with Kim. If that’s the case, the Kardashians should have to give back that E money.

The Drake stuff is interesting because it’s all just rumors. There’s zero confirmed reports that Drake and Kim ever had sex. Kim has vehemently denied it. There was one conspiracy theory thread about how Drake maybe might’ve slept with Kim and so now Drake can’t even say Kiki in a song? Because it sounds like Kim? That’s wild. Drake has been quiet on the issue so I guess that’s why Kanye is mad at him. I’m always gonna be here for more beef because a Kanye vs Drake beef would be some shit (not to mention maybe we’ll finally get the unreleased Drake diss track) but Kanye kinda looks like a jealous cry baby here.