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The Professor Checks In On Twitter To Let The World Know That He's Still Capable Of Snapping People's Ankles On The Basketball Court

First of all, The Professor only being thirty-four years old is preposterous. I could’ve sworn he was at least fifty. I remember watching him expose unsuspecting ballers while I was still in utero. I was a huge And 1 Mix Tape fan. Escalade was my favorite, then Hot Sauce, then Helicopter, then The Professor because he was white and it’s not every day you see a white guy succeed in that environment. He was like the Eminen of street ball. He doesn’t wear it anymore, but he used to wear this dirty wife beater whenever he’d play. The guy checked all the boxes in terms of white trash. Anyway, he’s releasing a new series called, Global Hooper on his YouTube channel which is already wildly successful.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 1.07.26 PM

In essence, it’s him traveling around the world crossing people up and honestly, he hasn’t lost a beat. Granted, his competition is trash and some of them can barely afford shoes, but still. The reaction is always the same from the crowd too. Pure shock. Getting embarrassed on the basketball court is universal. In a way it’s charity work. He’s traveling to less fortunate parts of the planet and giving back by providing them entertainment, that entertainment just so happens to be embarrassment. It removes them from their surroundings.

The only thing that could make it better is if he got the gang back together. One last dance for everyone minus Escalade because he’s dead. #RIP.