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This Is Why I Don't Base Jump And You Shouldn't Either

That made me cringe something fierce. Legs clapped so hard when they hit the ground it sounded like a standing ovation. Imagine jumping off a building for fun. It’s one of the dumber things you can do. Best case scenario, you land and dodge death until the next time. Worst case scenario is what we saw in the video. Landing like that is much worse than just dying in my opinion. When you die, you just die. There’s a sweet relief because you don’t have to deal with the actual pain of hitting the ground. But you feel every bit of it when you hit the ground and don’t die. That guy felt it all. Dying obviously isn’t ideal because you never get to eat ice cream but again the one benefit of dying is you don’t know you’re dead. Death is oddly kind in that way.

Anyway. I lump base jumpers with people who bungee jump and people who sky dive. I mean how bored do you have to be to jump off a building with a parachute? There’s so many other things to do out in the world. Go see a movie. Go to a nice restaurant. Read a good book. You can’t let your life get to the point where there’s a date on the calendar when you’re gonna jump off a building with a parachute. Not to mention are base jumpers appropriating suicide culture? That’s for the people of 2018 decide.

That video reminded me of this

I know it’s coming every time but I still shutter when he hits the ground.