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Walk-Off Grand Slam Alert: Jason Kipnis' 9th Inning Home Run Also Happened to Be His 1,000th Career Hit

Thatta boy Kip!! A walk-off grand slam that probably still hasn’t landed calls for some extra enthusiasm, but that is one of the lamest calls I’ve ever heard for such an exciting moment. Let’s turn to the best in the business, Tom Hamilton, to give us the play-by-play. Turn your volume up.

“Swung on and blasted, to deep right, awayyyy back, and GONE! A no doubt about it BOMB to right! He sat dead red and he didn’t miss it!” Goosebumps. Next time your team plays the Tribe, tune in on the Cleveland radio dial. That man could make paint drying sound exciting. I can’t wait to hear him late in October. Anyways, not only did Kipnis excuse himself and the rest of the team from the ballpark with a walk-off grand slam, it was also his 1,000th career hit.


What a way to get your 1,000th hit, and what a way to set an example for the kids at home. Everyone knows Kipnis got the raw end of the deal when the Indians traded for Josh Donaldson. To be able to get the former AL MVP into the lineup, Kipnis had to pack his belongings and move to the outfield. But as a true pro’s pro, he begrudgingly kept his mouth shut and did what was best for the team. And oh baby was it good for the team. Now we have 9 All-Stars at the plate, with virtually no drop off when it comes to the field. While Kipnis’ bat brought home the victory, Donaldson’s leather was on display earlier in the game.

Hitting, check. Fielding, check. How did the pitching do last night?

Not bad, not bad. Just kidding that’s actually really good. Carrasco has been nothing short of dominate since returning from the All-Star break.

Toss in the fact that Trevor Bauer returns from the DL on Friday, 2-time Cy Young winner Corey Kluber still headlines our staff, and the bullpen seems to have finally found their stride — well, I’d say the Tribe are officially postseason ready. We slouched around for parts of the year, but damn we are clicking on all cylinders right now. There is no doubt that the Indians are a team you do not want coming to your city next month. Speaking of no doubt, do you think Kipnis knew this one was gone?


How about the catcher?


Final: Indians 4, White Sox 1