Flyers Fans Harassed By Pittsburgh Penguins Security Over Their Custom Jerseys


PUCKDADDY – Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh has a formal policy when it comes to signs and banners at events: Provided they’re in good taste and made of right material, they’ll be permitted inside the arena. What Josh Kuchinka and two friends walked through the doors for the Pittsburgh Penguins’ game against the Philadelphia Flyers on Sunday, they unknowingly tested the limits and spirit of that policy: The “good taste test” wasn’t for a sign, but for the jerseys they wore to the game. According to Kuchinka, when they walked through the arena doors, a security guard asked where they were sitting. Before they made it up the escalator, they already had swarms of Penguins and Flyers fans snapping photos of their three-person sweater billboard. Then four arena security guards approached them and said, according to Kuchinka: “Either you take them off or wear them inside out or you’re being tossed out of here. This isn’t Philly. We don’t allow those things.” The trio turned them inside out, and went to their seats, with a security guard nearby, seemingly waiting for them to put the sweaters back on.

Hey Shittsburgh, lighten the fuck up. These jerseys are funny. As long as they’re not being douchedicks in the stands they should be allowed to stay in uniform. Sure, it may catch a Dad offguard when he’s forced to explain to their kid what “Neal Swallows” means, but it comes with the territory. No worse than subjecting your child to watching grown men on ice punch each other into bolivian if you’re going to get all Rev. Lovejoy’s wife on everything. Plus I would’ve pegged James Neal as a spitter, anyways.

Wouldn’t surprise me at all if that walking vagina Crosby spotted these and asked them to be removed because they hurt his feelings. Go have a cranberry juice to settle your stomach. Can’t wait for the playoffs, bitchtits.


?h/t @nickfolean