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We Officially Have A Fake Big Baller Brand Company That Duped An Italian Team Into A Partnership

Have yourself a day, LaVar! I’m sure the Biggest Baller doesn’t like people playing with his money. However LaVar Ball always lives in the spinzone and today’s spinzone is that not only is the Big Baller Brand an international label, but so is the Bootleg Big Baller Brand. Quadruple B’s baby. We here!

There are many ways to measure a shoe brand’s success. You can talk about how many sneakers it has sold, what types of star athletes it has signed, how many of it’s spokesmen were on the JBA champions this season, or just cold hard income numbers. But you haven’t truly made it in the sneaker biz until someone is knocking off your product. It doesn’t matter if people are sewing swishes on old British Knights, slinging fake Yeezys on Canal Street, or some Italian league is getting swindled by small baller peddlers with caviar dreams. The fact of the matter is that they don’t bootleg nobodies and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So all the haters can continue to clown the Balls as his brand goes through all the typical growing pains of a Nike, Under Armour, or Adidas.

However if we are being honest, I’m pretty sure that if you did the Pepsi Challenge with a pair of real BBB shoes and a pair of fake BBB shoes, there is a better than good chance the fake BBB shoes are made better than the real deal holyfields.

Obligatory, completely unrelated but still awesome vintage Simpsons clip: