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Attention Tuscaloosa: Come Hang With Barstool And Bud Light On University Boulevard This Friday at 4pm


We’re going to Alabama this weekend and we want you to join us. Glenny Balls of Boozin’ Burgers, Young Pageviews of Stool Scenes, and myself of The Cousins will be hanging with Bud Light on University Boulevard on Friday at 4pm. Bud Light has been my light lager of choice for decades so I am delighted to sip the good stuff and meet some Alabamans.

Never been to Tuscaloosa. Never seen a ‘Bama game. Never been on University Boulevard. Heard it’s a great time — there’s only one way to find out.

This motley ass crew will be on University Boulevard Friday at 4pm. Join us and show us what all the Alabama hype is all about.