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Great-Grandmother Shoots And Kills 12-Foot Gator She Believes Ate Her Mini Horse

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LIVINGSTON, Texas – The mayor of a Texas city, who happens to be a great-grandmother, shot and killed a monster alligator she believes ate her mini-horse.

News 6 partner KPRC-TV talked to Livingston Mayor Judy Cochran about the 580-pound beast.

“One shot and he went under,” said Cochran, who added that gators are not strangers to her ranch. “About three years ago, we came up missing a miniature horse. We highly suspect a gator got it.”

A trapper hooked the gator, and Cochran finished the job.

“This head is going in my office,” said Cochran, who’s had quite the year. “I became mayor in May, became a great-grandmother on Friday, killed the gator on Monday.”

Have a year, Judy, you sassy little minx! What a year for ole Judy. Became Mayor of her town, killed a gator who killed her mini horse, and now she’s a great grandma to boot.

I’m not much for taxidermy. Dont get me wrong, I love hunting, fishing, and all that jazz. I’m just not a fan of having animal heads as the decorations in your house. I prefer something a little more soothing. I prefer something like seasonal decorations with a classic flare. Pumpkins in the fall. Flowers in the spring. Lemons in the summer. That kinda thing. It just makes the house feel like a home.

That being said, I would strap a gator’s head to my kitchen table if it killed one of my animals. Say for example I was walkin my dog Gus by a pond and a gator ate his ass up. I’d shoot that gator. I’d kill that gator. That gator’s head would be the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving table until I drew my last breath and that’s exactly what our friend and longtime stoolie Mayor Judy Cochran is doing. Props to her and see ya later, alligator.

Additionally, you gotta be scared outta your mind if that’s your great grandma. My great grandma’s name was Big Mama. Big Mama was as sweet as sugar. I’m using was because she’s dead now. Past tense and whatnot. She would make you desserts and treats all day long. You could have candy and cake whenever you wanted but if you got her floor muddy after a long day of playing the clay fields of Marion, Georgia, she would whip you something good. Your asscheeks would be redder than a Mississippi radish. Don’t cross great grandmas. They’ll whip you and then shoot you right in the head and hang your lifeless body for all the town to see. I’ve seen it many times in my life and I’m certain to see it many more times.

(my ass cheeks are fine now so dont bother asking for pictures)