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People Are Now Saying That The Footage Of MGK Getting Booed Is Fake, You Decide

The boos version

The no boos version

This story just won’t die. Round and round we go. First the video came out of Machine Gun Kelly getting booed off stage while performing Rap Devil. Just an all-time booing moment. Once the video came out everybody spent all day yesterday clowning MGK and calling him a loser. Well now there’s new video that’s basically exactly the same except there’s no booing whatsoever. So either an fan Eminem saw the footage of MGK performing Rap Devil and added a bunch of boos to it OR an MGK fan saw the footage of MGK getting booed while performing Rap Devil and took the boos out. Is the latter even possible? I don’ think it is. Feel like it’s way easier to add boos to a video than it is to remove boos from a video. My guess is that an Eminem fan added boos to the video to make MGK look like an asshole. A real dirt dog move by them but that’s the fight game.

So maybe MGK didn’t actually getting roundly booed while opening for Fall Out Boy. It doesn’t really matter I suppose. It doesn’t change the fact that people think MGK got murdered by Eminem on Killshot. The fact of the matter is MGK was opening for Fall Out Boy and that’s really the end of the argument right there. You can’t take on the great Marshall Mathers when you’re the opening act of a show. I just want the truth!