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Bob Kravitz is the Latest Deflategate Conspirator to Meet a Cruel Fate

SourceWTHR-13 has laid off sports columnist Bob Kravitz, but in the wake of the news, the longtime journalist said he hopes to “annoy this city for years to come.”

Kravitz, who left IndyStar in 2014 to join the station, declined to provide a comment Tuesday. He spent 14 years as a columnist for IndyStar.

Early Wednesday, Kravitz took to Facebook to address the leaked news and let fans know that he will remain at WTHR-13 until mid-November. …

“I’m getting all the attention and kind words but my heart is with my WTHR colleagues who suffered the same fate. They’re worked their for several decades, and now they’re out. Terrible to see,” Kravitz writes. “There’s no backstory here, nothing embarrassing or sinister. Just a business decision they made.”

Boy, Bob Kravitz said it for me, for all of New England and seekers of truth everywhere when he says “Terrible to see.” Terrible to see, indeed. Sure, like everyone with an attachment to the Patriots, I’ve had my issues with Bob. But I’m also the bigger man. An avowed High Road kind of guy. And as such, I reached out to offer my support in this difficult time.



That’s right. Like everyone else who was on the right side of history during Deflategate, Bob Kravitz’s interest in responsible journalism ended when he was confronted with facts. Rather than argue the 8th grade Science Fair-level data that air was let out of footballs or Colts GM Ryan Grigson’s own words that they conspired with the Ravens to set up the Deflategate sting operation, Kravitz just blocked the shit out of anyone who challenged his assertions.

But that is no reason to hope a man loses his livelihood. It’s just not right to call for anyone to get fired from their job. It’s unAmerican.

Whoopsie, again:

Still, I’m letting bygones be bygones on that. After all, it’s not like Bob Kravitz ever had a problem with how we earn a living.

Whoopsie, Part III:

Grantland, 2015: 

Kravitz was at the media center when a man approached him. “I hesitate to acknowledge his existence,” Kravitz said. “But there was this guy from Barstool Sports Boston, which I guess is like a fanboy, softcore porn thing.” The guy was Dave “El Presidente” Portnoy, a student of the Unseen Hand theory, one who would later call Kravitz a “patsy” of Deflategate. “I think he hates the Patriots,” Portnoy told me. “He’s trying to basically do anything to cast them in a negative way.” …

“I said, ‘I think your website is garbage,’” Kravitz recalled. “Everything you’ve written about what happened is completely wrong and completely misrepresents who I am and what I did.” Portnoy doesn’t remember Kravitz saying that. “What he said to me was the reason he wouldn’t go on camera was because I had his source wrong.” Portnoy had written a post fingering the now-famous Mike Kensil as Kravitz’s source. Portnoy hadn’t included any “I think” caveats. Kravitz recalled, “I said, straight up, ‘You can speculate that Mike Kensil gave Kravitz all this stuff. You can’t say with 100 percent certainty that he was my source.’ “He said, ‘Who was your source?’” “I said, ‘Go fuck yourself.’”

And so here is what we are left with. The fate of all the Deflategate unindicted co-conspirators:

Kensil: Exiled by the NFL to Communist China
Grigson: Fired by the Colts
The Colts: 21-19, no playoff appearances
The Ravens: 23-27, no playoff appearances
Kravitz: Fired by KTHR

Meanwhile, what’s become of the other side of the argument:

The Patriots: Three trips to the Super Bowl, two championships
Barstool: The fanboy, softcore porn, garbage website that has been evaluated at $100 million and is taking over the universe brick by brick

I can’t say it enough: Terrible to see, Bob. Or to use your own words, “Go fuck yourself.”