Twitter Is Finally Letting You Go Back To Chronological Order - No More Stupid "In Case You Missed It" and Tweets The People You Follow "Liked"

Daily Mail

Twitter is finally resurrecting the chronological timeline. The social media giant said Tuesday it’s giving users the option to switch between viewing tweets in reverse chronological order and based on the site’s algorithms.

It should be a welcome update for users who want to see tweets as they’re posted in real time vs. the algorithm, which showed popular tweets and tweets from users you follow first. Users have repeatedly called for Twitter to bring back the chronological timeline, which it got rid of in 2016 when it introduced the algorithm-based timeline. Its algorithms inserted, often annoyingly, tweets people ‘might have missed’ or ‘liked’ by people they follow, which led to some people missing important or timely tweets.
Now, by visiting Twitter’s Settings page, users can turn off the ‘Show the best Tweets first’ option, which will make it so that new tweets appear in reverse chronological order.

No more seeing a random tweet some kid in Ohio who has 500 followers liked three weeks ago, but one of your buddies follows him so it had to pop up on your feed. No more tweets you might have missed because they were popular yesterday. Listen, if I gave a shit about what someone tweeted yesterday I’d scroll back to then and see. When I open up Twitter right now I care about what is happening this second. It’s insane it’s taken this long for Jack to change this shit, but it’s about damn time. Do me a favor go to settings, smash that content preferences button, and turn this bad boy off. We’re in the present now boys. No more living in the past. Score 1 for society today, we started today off with a W.