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You Can Now Bet On Whether Or Not Paulina Gretzky Will Be Alongside Dustin Johnson At The Ryder Cup

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Golf Digest- The 2018 Ryder Cup has produced a slew of prop bets as usual, but here’s one we didn’t see coming a few weeks ago: Will Paulina Gretzky be there? Amid growing questions about her relationship with fiancé and Team USA’s top-ranked player Dustin Johnson, oddsmaker Bovada has issued a wager surrounding golf’s most famous WAG attending the biennial event. And (gulp) “No” is a solid favorite.  Gretzky caused a bit of stir earlier this month when she deleted all photos involving Dustin Johnson from her Instagram account. Johnson hasn’t done the same, but he issued the following statement on Twitter last Tuesday: “Every relationship goes through its ups and downs, but most importantly, we love each other very much and are committed to being a family,” Johnson wrote. “Thank you for your love and support.” 

I didn’t want to blog this. It’s a dirt dog move by gambling websites to put this prop bet up. It’s just a mean thing to do but unfortunately I am a journalist above all else. I broke the news about Paulina Gretzky deleting all of Dustin Johnson’s pictures off her Instagram. I was at the forefront of the story so it would be disingenuous for me not cover everything that goes along with it. I have to honor the craft and cover the stories when they come out. So yeah, you can now bet on whether or not Paulina Gretzky will be at the Ryder Cup opening ceremony alongside DJ. Kinda wild that’s where we’re at with these two.

My guess? I would actually bet Paulina’s will be there with DJ. I’m a super shitty gambler so take that with a spoonful of salt. I have no inside information on the situation but that’s my gut feeling. The last we heard about this was DJ tweeting out that every relationship has its ups and downs. That leads me to believe they’re trying to work through whatever caused Paulina to delete all those pics. They’ll wanna put on a good face for the cameras if they are actually trying to work through things. Not to mention I’m rooting for her to be there. We need her to be DJ’s rock so he can whoop the shit outta Team Euro. We can’t have DJ underperforming because he’s worried about what Paulina’s off doing without him. So I hope she’s there. If Paulina’s not there, that’s really bad. If she’s not there then that all but confirms they’re broken up for good. We’ll see.