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Mayochup Review: A Dipable, Chugable Condiment Combo Treat

Just when you thought this country was at its max with controversy things got even saucier…

Not gonna lie, I was a bit skeptical of Mayochup at first. The combination of ketchup and mayonnaise is a tale as old as time so I wasn’t sure there was a need to sell the two pre-mixed… what’s the point… but lo & behold it was delicious.

After a delicious dinner of 711 Taquitos (buffa-pollo) & ‘chup I asked around the office to see what everyone else’s favorite mix was. Some didn’t quite answer the question but I feel like your condiment choice says a lot about you. Now I can say I like mayochup & after a night at the bars I’ve been known to take those little cups of ranch & shoot them like liquor shots so I think that means I’m going to be successful? Anyways, I no longer want to be around Jack Mac after this.

Trent: Ranch + tabasco

Nate: BBQ + ranch

Jeff: Specifically Newman’s Own red wine vinaigrette + ranch

Brett: Garlic aioli (wow, fancy) + ketchup

Robbie: ‘They called ketchup & mayo “scarlett sauce” at my high school’

Riggs: No sauce ever

Kayce: Plain Greek yogurt + ranch packet + various spices + hot sauce

Zah: Mayo + ketchup (buddy,, have I got a new product for you)

Jack Mac: Ketchup + mustard pre-mixed before it gets to the hot dog (absolute psycho move)

Donnie: ‘Any & all. If there’s more than 1 condiment in front of me I’ll mix it.’

Hank: Barbecuffalo (no clue if I’m spelling this right but everyone at office was very enthusiastic about it)

Kate: Ketchup + mayo + honey mustard which I’ve been informed is just Chic Fil A sauce

If you have a fun condiment mix call in to let me know on Hi Haters! tonight, SiriusXM Ch 85 from 10pm – 12am. 833-85-STOOL.

::patiently anticipates several new condiments in the comments that involve ‘my balls + your face'::