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It Doesn't Matter That Jordan Matthews Doesn't Necessarily Fit The Eagles "Need". At Least We'd Get This Celebration Again


So apparently Jordan Matthews was at the Eagles facility today and it’s sure sounding like the team is ready to bring him back with how goddamn disastrous the WR depth chart is right now. It makes sense for a few reasons. 1) The Eagles desperately need help at the position. 2) Jordan Matthews is already familiar with the playbook. And 3) He is best friends with Carson.

The one reason why it wouldn’t necessarily make a ton of sense for the Eagles to bring back Jordan Matthews is because.. well.. I mean they already have an upgraded Jordan Matthews with Nelson Agholor in the slot. The Eagles need an outside receiver with some speed right now to open up the field for guys like Agholor and Ertz (cough, cough, should have given up a 4th to Cleveland for Josh Gordon, cough, cough). So I guess the plan here would be to move Agholor outside and put Matthews in the slot? Not sure if that’s the best idea considering Agholor had a breakout year at that position but I trust Howie and Doug to make it work.

But here’s the thing. I’m not an X’s and O’s guy. I don’t care if Jordan Matthews fits the need of the Eagles right now. What is most important here is that he is one of Carson’s best pals and bringing him back means we get to see more of this.

You want to make life easier for your franchise quarterback making his return after being out with a torn ACL for the past 9 months? Throw his bee eff eff out there on the field with him. Does Jordan Matthews solve all of the Eagles’ issues right now? Of course he doesn’t. Are there better options still available out there? Of course there are. But are any of those options going to give us a celebration as cordial and gentlemanly as Carson and J-Matt’s handshake? Not a fucking chance. So for that reason and that reason alone, I am all the way in on this idea. I’m also all in on the idea to bring in Chad Johnson so take that for what it’s worth. But I’m all in on this idea nevertheless.