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Meanwhile In Minnesota: Bigfoot Makes Rare Appearance In Campaign Ad

First we had Bigfoot erotica in the Virginia race and now the furry, elusive gent is making yet another appearance. This time it’s in Minnesota & sadly no sexual fantasies are involved:

As an inexperienced gent from a wealthy liquor-dynasty family Dean Phillips is starting at a disadvantage and needs ads like this to stir the pot. It’s not the loud, mean-spirited, obnoxious type that you usually see so that’s refreshing and anything involving Bigfoot seems to garner attention.

Via Adweek:

In the 80-second mockumentary, we see Bigfoot attempt to track Paulsen with a camera, eventually ending up at a pharmaceutical company—part of the ad’s primary dig that Paulsen takes money from Big Pharma and votes in favor of the industry’s interests.

As the midterm election cycle prepares to enter its intense final weeks, it’s nice to have a spot that, while certainly still partisan and negative, sets aside the frothy rancor and has some fun with how it criticizes the incumbent for not making himself accessible enough to voters via town halls and other appearances.

I think the smaller the campaign scale the weirder the ads & that fits in this realm, though it’s not as good as some other classics like the bizarre Pee Gasoline Guy in ‘hosed’ or the unintentionally funny ‘Mike Cox’ ad.