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Machine Gun Kelly Staged The Middle Finger Picture And Got HEAVILY Booed When He Performed 'Rap Devil'

Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes. You hate to see that. I don’t really feel bad for MGK because I ultimately don’t care about MGK but I do feel bad for myself. Hard to be more wrong about something than I was about the MGK and Eminem beef. I blogged yesterday that I was all-in on MGK winning the battle. KFC ran circles around my opinion and broke down the whole thing in an elegantly-worded blog. He thoroughly broke it down and declared Eminem the winner in a bloodbath.

I still like Rap Devil more than Killshot but I was wayyyyyyyyyyy off when talking about how MGK was making good moves when it came to wearing the Killshot art at shows and having people flip off the camera. The most off anyone has been about anything. Because it turns out he staged the middle finger picture (they were actually flipping him off) and got HEAVILY booed at the Fall Out Boy concert. Things are not always what they appear to be apparently. Like you can barely hear the words MGK is saying in that video when he’s talking about how he thought Killshot was weak. That’s how loud they were booing. People were booing their lungs out. There were like two girls in the crowd who were pumped MGK was there. Everybody else clearly loves Eminem and just wanted Fall Out Boy to take the stage. Hand up. I was super wrong.