These $5 Parlays Are GoIng To Be The Death Of Me

These parlays come up every so often and it just reminds you that there is a chance to be successful in sports gambling. Then I re-think this and this is false hope for everyone out there, this just doesn’t happen.

From gamblers everywhere, these are the worst types of people. We are in the mud every week betting more money than we actually have fighting for our lives… then someone like this comes along. I just know this person had some sort of equation and crunched some numbers to see what the best odds are. Explaining to people how easy this gambling this really is. I don’t need any of that, This was probably just a bet for “fun.”

Yes I am jealous of this person winning more money than I ever will but this just doesn’t happen. The  real problem with this whole thing is that I can’t stop thinking about the joy I would have doubling down on that 84 grand. The rush you would get from that bet is un explainable. Its not a problem its a lifestyle. For now, I will have to live like this… getting excited about a Sacramento Kings game.